A reborn doll is a vinyl baby doll that is painted to look as much like a real baby as possible.

Initially, this  vinyl doll comes generally as a reborn  kit. The kit  includes the head, arms and limbs and sometimes body plates.

These kits can be limited editions (LE) from established reborn  sculptors from all over the world such as Rommie Strydom, Tina Kewy, Bonnie Brown, Reva Schick and many others. The kits come with a numbered certificate of authenticity  ( COA).

Every artist interprets the kit, giving the doll every custom detail: skin color, hair color, eyes size and color and the gender


The kits are painted with Genesis Heat set paints and all the details are achieved combining many layers of paint and glazes of color: mottling, capilars, veining.  Every layer of color is baked in the oven, allowing the vinyl to permeate the paint giving a long lasting realistic aspect.  Reborn dolls can have micro rooted mohair, I use the softest Slumberland Mohair that resembles fine baby's hair. Then, the hair is micro rooted with titanium needles that can root a hair at a time,  or I can hand paint h the hair which is one of  my specialties.

Once the reborn kit is finished the baby is assembled. With a custom doe suede body that fits to perfection and filled with the finest poly fill and poly pellets to give the baby real weight. Very often my dolls  have inserted rare earth magnets  that allows the doll to take magnetic modified pacifiers and magnetic  hair bows. After the paining process, every detail is taken care of: opening the nostrils, rooting eye lashes, inserting custom glass eyes. The final touches include from the diapers, boy or girl layette and baby powder scent.  Once my reborn baby is completed, it looks more like a child than a doll.